Teri Hatcher

. From what I can tell… Teri Hatcher wants to empower women of all ages by sharing advice, laughter and ideas. To do so, she has helped to create GetHatched. Com, a Web site that presents "A Chick's Guide to Life," to help women live the life they want to live. The "Desperate Housewives" leading lady feels "empowered" by being a chick. "I love the expression of chick because any people I guess think that that's young, but I think of it as being reborn," she defined. "Being a chick is being cool and wise and smart" Looking fiery hot in a red Dolce & Gabbana cocktail dress chosen by fans, Teri gloated that she is "proud of the voice that I have. " Her new forum allows her to communicate with women juggling career, motherhood, marriage, divorce, and making time for themselves. Leaving "Desperate Housewives" viewers with a cliffhanger, Teri teases that, next season, her character Susan and fictional husband Mike "are dealing with something that I think a lot of people actually are in their real lives. It's a little heartbreaking for me. "