Tina Barrett

The world famous pop group S Club from the UK tat made a lot of record hits like Don't Stop Movin', Natural, Alive n Say Goodbye. The members are : Rachel Stevens, Jo O'Meara, Tina Barrett, Hannah Spearritt, Bradley Mcintosh, Jon Lee, and Paul Cattermole. Do you know what I found? From the Wikipedia entry on "S Club 7. " "S Club released their movie Seeing Double in April 2003. The film's release was marked by rumours that the group were about to split, rumours which came true shortly afterwards when it was announced that, after a final single and greatest hits album, S Club would indeed break up . . S Club's greatest hits album, Best – The Greatest Hits, released in June 2003. "

Two weeks ago, I interviewed the lovely Tina Barrett, former member of S Club 7. This is the full version of it. Hope you enjoy. 🙂