Trini Lopez

I bought a Gibson Trini Lopez Reissue (the trapeze tailpiece model) and I'm wondering wether or not I should put a Bigsby on it. Just to help, here's the sort of music that I like to play. . The Beatles, The Who, Oasis, Led Zeppelin, The Smiths, The Rolling Stones Should I get a Bigsby or just the leave the guitar the way it is. Ps I'm not a Guitar expert or anything so please forgive me, but is a a Bigsby an essential component for a guitar, or is it easier to just bend the strings using your fingers. Well, I have your answer right here. The Bigsby tailpiece was originally made in Kalamazoo, MI by a company not related to Gibson that was sold to the owners of the Gretsch trademark in the late '80's. They were once installed on American guitars made by Gibson, Gretsch, the Epiphones that were made by Gibson in Kalamazoo, and some others. It was a great tremolo that held stable tuning when the guitar was set up properly. There were several different styles for different size and shaped guitars. Some were even installed by Fender on some Telecasters back in the day. It is an essential accessory for playing rock-a-billy lead, Chet Atkins style, and many other styles, but not much use for the music of the bands you mention. I have done several installations of Bigsbys on customer's guitars and it is not a do it yourself project; you will need to find a competent repair person who is not doing this for the first time. The next problem you will have is finding the original parts that were made in Kalamazoo. The ones you see now on the new Gretsch guitars are copies made in Asia that are inferior in quality to the original and will ruin the value of your Trini Lopez. Ask your local music shop to contact Harris-Teller in Chicago. They were the distributors of the original Bigsby and may have some NOS. You could also contact the guys at the Heritage guitar factory in Kalamazoo for help with installation and finding the hardware. If you can get past these hurdles you will get much pleasure out of your Gibson with it's Bigsby tailpiece as it will give you new tonal possibilities that can't be achieved by any other means.

Vinyle – Trini Lopez – Medley (Disco version)