Vladimir Nabokov

There are dozens of literary, historical and even scientific allusions and references (some very veiled and/or obscure, some more obvious) in the novel Pale Fire, by Vladimir Nabokov. I was just wondering what people's favorite ones are? I read this book in college (I was an English minor) back in the 1990s, but it made such an impression on me that I still think of it, now and then, to this day. It was definitely one of THE most unusual books I've ever read in my life — in many ways. Unfortunately, most folks I talk to have never read it, so there's nothing to discuss. Hopefully I'll find some folks here on Yahoo Answers who have read it. After looking around, I learned — Pale Fire is probably the best Postmodern novel I have ever read. My favorite allusion comes from his use of chronologicalism throughout the novel to mock novelists who write the phrase "at that very same moment" to try to connect non-related actions of characters by allowing events to happen at the same time. I am sorry that you have not found anyone to discuss the novel with you, though I have to say that I have not read it in 2 years. I have never laughed as much at a novel as I did during Pale Fire, and I doubt I ever will again.