Wade Dominguez

I was wondering why did wade dominguez the guy that played emillio ramirez in dangerous minds why did he never get to be a big star I mean he was hotter then brad pitt, george cloooney and johnny depp put together and in my opinion way more talented. And so today I found out that… Wade Dominguez born May 10th 1966, died August 26th 1998. (Age 32) Wade did make 3 films after Dangerous Minds just before his death in 1998 and I suppose you could say that was good going for Hollywood, but I have to agree with you about not being chosen for other parts in tv series, tv films etc. He died at such an early age and I am sure he would have gone on to bigger and better things had he lived, his career was only just starting and who knows what might have happened.

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