Warren Zevon

Sadly, I don't think some people know whoever he is. What do you think about him. Basically… Warren Zevon was one of the most cynical, pessimistic people I've ever seen, but he was hysterical. He has SOOOOO much great music. It's a shame he died so soon. Go buy "Genius: The Best of Warren Zevon". That's a good starting point. If you like what's on that album, go back and start listening to his regular albums. Some of my favorites are: "Splendid Isolation", "Boom Boom Mancini", "Detox Mansion", "Lawyers, Guns, & Money", "Mr. Bad Example", "My Ride's Here". . . . . . I could go on & on. He was a very conflicted person, and a fairly private person, and that just added to his mystique. Plus, any of his stuff was so dark, but at the same time, so funny, people never knew what to expect from him. The author Stephen King says Zevon is his most prized artist of all time. What does that tell you? He was truly one of a kind.

The late and badly missed Warren Zevon and a great performance.