William F. Buckley

Man, I never realized how intellectually superior William F. Was until they first stuck clowns like Rush Limbaugh in my face in the early 90’s. I’m a Moderate and (now that I hear idiots like Beck,Hanity limbaugh or levin. ). . . I realize what a genius William F. Buckley was,compared to all of these idiots…. Where is ‘class’ in the conservative party anymore when it comes to intellectuals?(Like bug eyed stuttering William F. Buckley that is). From what I can tell… Actually your premise is way off. Rush Limbaugh happened to be a close friend of W. F. Buckley. They thought very highly of each other. Mark Levin is perhaps the greatest expert on the Constitution in America today. Beck is doing yeoman’s work to expose the people and groups that are making decisions and effecting policy that will adversely affect our lives. That is something journalists used to do. Hannity is a honest and straight forward advocate of Conservatism. For you to call these people idiots is to betray an agenda designed to drive a wedge between old school and new school Conservatives. Conservatives are much too astute to fall for such political subterfuge. Moderate, indeed. No one who claims to be a Moderate could possibly agree with Buckley and disagree with Limbaugh. They profess the exact same philosophy. *

Subject: ‘Is England Still Influencing America’ Firing Line 1990 Christopher Hitchens and William F Buckley Jr.