Willie Stargell

Willie hit 475 homeruns in his career. An impressive number but far from the records This topic is not about being a good homerun hitter but RATHER the ability to hit balls to the moon. American icon Babe Ruth was likely the best COMBINATION of homerun AND longball hitter And Mickey Mantle owns the record for longest acurately measured moon shot Sadly the POST 94 STRIKE ERA at the turn of the millennium saw many star players hitting longballs benifit from illegal substances and dilluted pitching But what about the RAW NATURAL God given ability to smack a ball to planet MARS. Willie Stargell played half of his career in FORBES FIELD. It was considered to be a MONSTROSITY in size. Yet Willie not only hit a TON of homers in this MONSTER but on 4 occasions actually launched balls OVER the roof of the beast. One could only speculate how many homers he would have clocked had he not played in this TITAN A STAR in many upper decks around baseball honored a Willie LAUNCH. I think I found an answer. Willie Stargell is certainly at least one of the greatest longball hitters of all time. He hit a monstrous 506 foot shot out of Dodger Stadium and many other long distance shots but the greatest of all time in my opinion is Mickey Mantle who almost cleared Yankee Stadium twice with one estimated by a scientist of being over 600 ft. He hit a shot in Tiger Stadium according to Guiness Book of World Records 634 ft an alltime record and of course the one at Griffith Stadium in Washington DC 565 ft. Babe Ruth would be a close second as he once hit one 587 feet in a spring training game and one completely out of old Navin Field in Detroit that landed on Plum Street well over 500 feet away not to mention his last homerun that completely cleared Forbes Field in Pittsburgh and is regarded by many as the longest homerun ever hit there and possibly the longest homerun ever with estimates of 600 ft. Mark McGwire steroids or not, hit many a long distance shot including a 545 ft homer in Busch Stadium in St Louis. Jimmie Foxx isd the author of many a moon shot too and once hit one completely out of old Comiskey Park in Chicago and one way up in the upper deck at Yankee Stadium. Honorable mention to Dave Kingman who hit many a long distance homer and Josh Gibson of the Homestead Grays who is said to have been the only player to hit one out of Yankee Stadium. Willie Stargell could hit them for distance with the best of them and it’s amazing to see the ballparks with the marks indicating where he hit them.