Chad Michael Murray

If so I think they are a great couple and I loooove one tree hill <3. Essentially — Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush's Divorce Is Final By Ken Lee The divorce between One Tree Hill costars Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush is now final, according to court documents obtained by PEOPLE. Both sides waived any spousal support, and they have no children together. Murray, 25, and Bush, 24, met on the set of their WB drama (now on the CW network) and began dating in 2003. They married in April 2005 in an oceanfront ceremony in Santa Monica, Calif. But they separated five months later. "This is a difficult and unfortunate situation," Bush said in a statement. "I am glad this is being resolved sooner rather than later. " A friend of the actress later told PEOPLE, "Sophia went into the marriage believing in the sanctity of marriage, and Chad simply did not share that vision. " Bush filed for an annulment in February, citing fraud as grounds for dissolving the union. In the spring, Murray became engaged to One Tree Hill crew member Kenzie Dalton, then a high school senior in Wilmington, N. C. , where the show is filmed. As for Bush, who still works with her ex, "She's moved on," a pal told PEOPLE. "They have a professional relationship. "

Chad at work on his birthday. =]

Vivian Vance

Eee. Well, I have your answer. Easy to find Name: Vivian Jones [Vivian Vance] Age in 1910: 8/12 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1909 Birthplace: Kansas Relation to Head-of-house: Daughter Father’s Name: Robert A Father’s Birth Place: Kansas Mother’s Name: Mae Mother’s Birth Place: Kansas Home in 1910: Cherryvale Ward 3, Montgomery, Kansas Marital Status: Single Race: White Gender: Female Neighbors: View others on page Household Members: Name Age Robert A Jones 30 Mae Jones 25 Venice Jones 5 Vivian Jones 8/12

Don Mr. Wizard Herbert

Recall how much fun the kids on that show had doing all the fun experhyments Mr. Wizard (Don Herbert) had for them to do. Do any of these stand out in your mind? Favorites? Least favorites. Essentially — I loved watching Mr. Wizard when I was very young; but I can’t recall details of a prized episode. I was about 6 or 7 years old when the original television series was finished. I had to battle my younger sister for viewing time, she wanted cartoons and I wanted Mr. Wizard; and of course she would whine to mom that I wouldn’t let her watch cartoons. . I do remember trying to reproduce the expanding and collapsing can experhyment (heating and cooling) and using glass to create rainbows and heat. I did ‘experhyments’ with my own kids while they were growing up. We had so much fun doing this stuff together. Mr. Wizard was certainly one of my inspirations. We watched “Mr. Wizard’s World” on the Nickelodeon channel. As the girls grew older, they’d ‘experhyment’ without my supervision, which left a fine mess more than once. . The old TV series and the shows he did later on are available on DVD. Mr. Wizard Studios

This video was created around 1980 to help explain the (then) new home video format of laserdisc. Herbert was known to generations of kids as “Mr. Wizard” as. . .

Rik Mayall

Looking for movies with either of these2. Ive seen a couple of the bottom live shows and guest house paradiso and drop dead fred but im looking for any others. I also here that rik has been in a lot of tv shows. Basically… Rik and Ade were both in the BBC Sitcom ‘The Young Ones’ (great) and ‘Filthy, Rich and Catflap’ (not so great) plus both featured in Happy Families (also BBC). They did a lot of work together as The Dangerous Brothers for Saturday Live ( and several episodes of ‘The Comic Strip presents’ for Channel 4, most notably together for ‘Mr Jolly Lives Next Door’ Most of these are available on DVD in the UK. Not sure where you are.

Steve Yzerman

Who would you rather have? Both are HOF material. Both were great. Both were very good leaders, and all retired now. What’s your pick. Well, I have your answer right here. I’m going with Sakic The Nordiques/Avalanche had a . 588 winning percentage under Sakic. Detroit was 0. 563 under Yzerman. Goals/Game Yzerman 0. 457 (46th) Sakic 0. 454 (48th) Points/game Sakic 1. 191 (12th) Yzerman 1. 159 (15th) Seasons with greater than 1. 00 pts/game Sakic 16 (in 20 seasons or 80% of his career) Yzerman 13 (in 22 seasons, or 59% of his career) 100 pt seasons 6 Sakic 6 Yzerman 100 pt seasons past the age of 30 2 Sakic (only Phil Esposito and Marcel Dionne did it more) 0 Yzerman (last did it at age 27) Top 10 Sscoring finishes 10 Sakic (last at age 37) 6 Yzerman (last at age 34) Post Season All-Star Teams 3 Sakic 1 Yzerman All-Star Games 12 Sakic 9 Yzerman Hart Trophies 1 Sakic 0 Yzerman Pearson Awards 1 Sakic 1 Yzerman Conn Smythe Awards 1 Sakic 1 Yzerman Olympic MVPs 1 Sakic 0 Yzerman Canada Cup/World Cup/Olympic Appearances 6 Sakic 3 Yzerman Sakic is one of two Canadians to win a Canada Cup, a World Cup, a Stanley Cup, a World Junior Championship, and a World Championship (Scott Niedermayer the other – and Nieds has a Memorial Cup too) Sakic has the 3rd highest points/game average after the age of 30 in NHL history (not surprisingly. . Gretzky and Lemieux are 1st and 2nd). . Yzerman is 28th Sakic is the 2nd oldest person in NHL history to record 100 points (only Gordie Howe was older) In 2006, the Hockey News picked their 60 greatest players since expansion. . . . . Sakic was 6th, Yzerman was 8th. Only once in Sakic’s career did he average less than 0. 9pts a game (his final season where he averaged 0. 8). Yzerman did this 5 times. Statistically. . . . . . Sakic has it all over Yzerman. Again, I love both players, but the numbers don’t lie.

This is a tribute video for Steve Yzerman. Footage is from the 1997 and 2002 Stanley Cup runs. Song used in the video is Comedown by Bush. This is the first . . .

Lucy Liu

. After looking around, I learned — Lucy Liu has proven to be a super star on television and the big screen. In recent years she has become a fashion heavy-hitter as well, always looking flawless on the red carpet and premieres. Lucy dresses in a clean-cut, crisp and tailored manner, giving off an air of sophistication and no-nonsense business style. Wear tailored pieces. Lucy is generally seen in small, fitted tailored jackets. They are sometimes paired with slacks, pencil skirts, tulip skirts or even jeans while dressing down. Have fitted, crisp blouses. The blouses are feminine and sophisticated. Wear them with jeans or skirts of the same color. Accentuate a petite figure with a think belt around the waist of the blouse. The fabrics are mostly lush and shiny. Sport solid colors. Lucy Liu might wear bold prints, but mostly she is seen in solid colors whether she is dressed up or causal. The most widely seen colors are black and white, but she may wear shades of beiges or show up in a bold color like fuchsia or purple. Keep accessories simple. When on the red carpet, Lucy mostly only wears dangly earring and a simple, long necklace. When dressed casual, she may wear accessories like a pageboy cap, fedora or a scarf. Look cool and casual in soft, feminine sweaters. Lucy wears large sweaters with billowy necks. The sweaters are mostly soft colors like white or pink. It may belted or off-the-shoulder. Find clothing that reflects Lucy Liu’s style at a more affordable price. Look for blouses, skirts and fitted jackets at Forever 21.

Lucy asks Jimmy to help her send out her first tweet, and Jimmy is armed with an acrostic poem for the “Elementary” star. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show S. . .