Ian Anderson

I've always been a fan of Ian Anderson, and would appreciate it if someone could elaborate on how he sings into the flute and other such techniques. And so today I found out that… Singing into the flute is a common extended technique that flutists use with modern music. To do it, try singing a note (without your flute) and just hold it out. Now, still singing that note, bring the flute to your mouth, form your embouchure, and blow your flute as usual. Your air will be producing the singing tone and the tone from the flute at the same time. It takes some coordination but it's actually not too hard to learn. It's also a good technique to make sure your throat is open and relaxed while playing.

Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson Leipzig – Arena Ian Anderson – Flute, Guitar, Bouzouki, Mandolin, Harmonica, Vocal David Goodier – Bass guitar and double bass Jam. . .

Angela Lansbury

I realy like murder,she wrote and Angela lansbury films but,I live the uk and she lives in the uk how do I send the letter and ask for her autograph. Basically… Take your pick and see what happens. My choice would be the first one. Angela Lansbury "The Best Man" (Until Sep 09 2012) Schoenfeld Theatre 236 West 45th Street New York, NY 10036 USA Angela Lansbury 635 North Bonhill Road Los Angeles, CA 90049-2301 USA Angela Lansbury William Morris Endeavor Entertainment 9601 Wilshire Blvd. 3rd Floor Beverly Hills, CA 90210-5213 USA

From Michael Feinstein's PBS series. Thrilling crystal clear footage of Lansbury performing "Some People" "Together" and Rose's Turn" from Gypsy.

William Seward

Our class is doing a little project where we have to research someone in the Civil War & I got assigned to research William Seward. I can only find that he bought Alaska from Russia. I need a little bit more on that. I need to know HOW and WHY he was important in the Civil War. Thanks in advance My teachers have already given me a textbook. This is the information it says about William Seward: "Seward, William H. (1801-1872) American politician, who as Secretary of State was laughed at for "Seward's Folly," the purchase of Alaska from Russia for less than two cents an acre, which added approximately 600,000 miles of land to the United States. " There is nothing else. I can't go to a library. I only have the internet, but I need something more than what my textbook provides. Forgive me if I sound like a stupid girl who doesn't want to do her homework. Technically, this isn't even a project, or a class grade, hehe. I just need any information on why he was important in the Civil War. The textbook I'm using is called "United States History: Independence to 1914" from Holt (8th grade), I just need any help understand why this man was important. Please help. @Erinys, Please forgive me if I sound like a stuck up 14 y/o snob that can't surf the internet. The social studies teacher I am working with for Pentathlon is not my regular social studies teacher and we all have the same textbook. I went to this website to look for information but it is difficult for me to find out why Seward was important in this war. Once again, forgive me for my rudeness, I do not know what has gotten into me . Or maybe I just wrote snobby-like because the teachers are cramming all this work on the last week of the second trhymester and it seems like we have no time to do anything at all. Sorry x7. Also my library is a small room behind the locker rooms and they have the same textbooks I already have. And we only have 2 librarians. And my teachers are nice. :-D. Well, I have your answer. William Henry Seward was born in Florida, New York. He was admitted to the Bar (recognized as a lawyer) in Utica, 1822. He was elected to the Senate (1830) and became Governor of New York (1838). During the mid 1800's he came to be outspoken in terms of the antislavery cause and a prominent member of the Republican Party. Democrats held Seward responsible for John Brown's Harper's Ferry Raid as Seward had made a speech known as his 'irrepressable conflict' oratory just before this raid took place. Seward served as Secretary of State under Lincoln. This brought him to the fore in terms of international issues which included the purchase of Alaska from Russia. Democrats called this purchase "Seward's Folly".

William Seward was one of the most important Americans of the nineteenth century: Progressive governor of New York, U. S. Senator, 1860 Republican nominee for. . .

Paul Desmond

How did Paul Desmond get such a smooth sound? Is it, by any chance, and some of you may think I'm a little stupid for suggesting this, but is it that he uses a ridiculously strong reed? Like 4+ cos I tried a 3 1/2 the other day, and it sounded smoother than *que smooth thing* :L so yeahh. I think I found an answer. The sound you get from your saxophone is about your ability to respond to resistance of two varieties: Lip pressure and air pressure. That's why reeds are made in varying strengths and cuts. Some players get that airy sound in the manner you have described (Stan Getz immediately comes to mind); others, by using a thin reed and using the so-called "no embouchure" approach (Lee Konitz strongly resembles this remark). According to information found at his setup is somewhat middling- a Gregory 4 is fairly close (see ), and a Rico 3 1/2 does not require anywhere near the breath or lip pressure that a Vandoren 3 1/2 would (see ). Ultimately, which way your tone goes is purely personal and subjective. The quest for a certain sound is ultimately more about what to avoid than what to embrace since you'll probably settle in on something that gives you the results you seek as soon as you find it. After thirty years of playing and developing my personal sound, my own quest is the setup that allows me to go down a reed strength without sounding reedy or losing my altissimo techniques- I know what I sound like and enjoy it (most of the time, anyway- when I don't, I close the books and transcriptions and work on tone issues only), but I'm always looking for a way to play longer phrases to develop my ideas a little longer than I'm presently able.

Tom Ewell

I have to write a report on the similarities and differences between boo radley and tom robinson, mr ewell and mayella ewell, and calpurnia and aunt alexandra. I found similarities for boo and tom, and bob and mayella, but I can't seem to find anything for calpurnia and aunt alexandra. All help will be greatly appreciated. What I found out was – SIMILARITIES: Both women, both live in the Finch house, both have a strong devotion to the Finch family, both often argue with Scout DIFFERENCES: Calurnia is African-American, Aunt Alexandra is white, they have different perceptions of Tom Robinson

Seven Year Itch.

Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter was elected on character and change. His Presidency was a testimony of disaster. Disasters like his gutting the military, double digit inflation and unemployment, boycotting the Olympics and nut-less cowardice when dealing with the Iranian hostage crisis. Unfortunately, Carter was way more qualified than Obama and Carter was not an overt Socialist like Obama. Does anybody remember how crappy Carter was and they still support Obama. Today I found out that… Well, I certainly do. I agree with most of what you have said about that "Peanut Farmer from Georgia". However, one of the worst things Jimmy did was give the Panama Canal to Panama. America bought and paid for the Canal, not only financially, but also with the deaths of many American workers, especially due to Yellow Fever. The former Governor of GA, "Aw Shucks, Jimmy Crack-Corn", at least had executive experience; which Barry O. So obviously lacks. He was "clever" enough to give away the Panama Canal *after* he had left office; but unless he was more naive than we suspect, I believe he knew that Panama would relinquish control of the Canal to powers hostile to America's best interests. The People's Republic of China, i. E. , the Chi-Comms, now control both ports of access to the Canal, and this shows that Jimmy stumbled into a grave strategical blunder, since the PRC has been, and continues to be, hostile to American interests and a democratic life-style. If hostilities between the U. S. And mainland China, for instance over Taiwan's independence as a sovereign nation, should ever reach the "tipping point", we shall all see just how serious of a blunder China's control of the Canal is. Obama is more openly a Socialist than Jimmy is; but an Obama Administration would be nothing less than a second Carter Administration, only much worse. Anyone who believes the George W. Bush Administration is worse than Jimmy Carter's and "Slick Willy's" Administrations has imbibed too freely of the "Progressive"/Liberal/Socialist/Communist Kool-aid. If you remember Jimmy Carter's Administration and "still" support Barry Hussein Obama, remember Osama bin Laden, Akhmadinajad and Hugo Chavez also support Obama. EDIT: Wow. Can't believe that all you people ("Duchess X", "Pepe", "Rob", "irld", "Boom&quot are drinking the Dem's Socialist Kool-aid. Of course the "Drive-by Media" serves it up 24/7, so maybe I shouldn't be too surprised.

President Jimmy Carter Speaks at 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington President Jimmy Carter Speaks at 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington. . .