Rik Mayall

Looking for movies with either of these2. Ive seen a couple of the bottom live shows and guest house paradiso and drop dead fred but im looking for any others. I also here that rik has been in a lot of tv shows. Basically… Rik and Ade were both in the BBC Sitcom ‘The Young […] Read more »

Steve Yzerman

Who would you rather have? Both are HOF material. Both were great. Both were very good leaders, and all retired now. What’s your pick. Well, I have your answer right here. I’m going with Sakic The Nordiques/Avalanche had a . 588 winning percentage under Sakic. Detroit was 0. 563 under Yzerman. Goals/Game Yzerman 0. 457 […] Read more »

Lucy Liu

. After looking around, I learned — Lucy Liu has proven to be a super star on television and the big screen. In recent years she has become a fashion heavy-hitter as well, always looking flawless on the red carpet and premieres. Lucy dresses in a clean-cut, crisp and tailored manner, giving off an air […] Read more »

Kate Gosselin

Is Kate Gosselin going to go on a summer or fall book tour in 2009. Is there a schedule anywhere or anyway to find out. I mostly want to know about Michigan. After looking around, I learned — Kate Gosselin has completed her scheduled book tour for Eight Little Faces in May 2009. Remaining dates […] Read more »

Anthony Geary

I come from the Luke and Laura era and used to be madly in luuuuv with Tony. Also is the actress who played Laura still around? Edit – thanks for the replies. I lived in Canada between 1974 and 1989 which was when I was hooked on GH. Can’t get it in the UK although […] Read more »