Eugene Mccarthy

In 68 robert ran against Eugene. What were any differences in character and in political views. I know that Robert was trying to help minorities but what else set him apart. Thanks. Essentially — Kennedy and McCarthy were both Democrats. President Johnson, also a Democrat, was eligible for another term (he had served the remainder […] Read more »

Lauren Conrad

I am reading this book and as I kept reading it it reminded me so much of the hills. Like it was not all like the jills but the moving to L. A and the intership job and the college and reality show made me just like hey this sounds and reminds me a lot […] Read more »

D.h. Lawrence

“Never trust the artist. Trust the tale. ” Could anyone explain this better to me? I’m supposed to write a 250 word response on this, and yeah, i’m somewhat stuck. At 100 words. Today I found out that… Since D. H. Lawrence was a noted writer, let’s assume he was referring to the written word. […] Read more »

Jean Piaget

. I was so glad to find this — Jean Piaget was born in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, on August 9, 1896. His father, Arthur Piaget, was a professor of medieval literature with an interest in local history. His mother, Rebecca Jackson, was intelligent and energetic, but Jean found her a bit neurotic — an impression that […] Read more »

Rob Van Dam

. Do you know what I found? Rob Van Damm did not renew his contract with the WWE because he wanted to devote more time to his Comic Book Store and his Family . . He ended up selling the Comic Book Store and is relaxing with his family at this time . . Rob […] Read more »