Stephen Stills

OK, these two guys have had a love-hate musical relationship since the 1960’s and they continue to work together. Who’s the better guitar player? Who has the better catalogue of songs? If both of them died tomorrow, which leaves the stronger musical legacy. And so today I found out that… Better guitar player is kind […] Read more »

Henri Cartier-bresson

What are some tips on things to look out for? I looked up a bunch of the pictures he shot online, and it’s kind of difficult for me to nail down one major theme to look for when I’m shooting my project. Thanks I’m shooting it digitally, in color, then manipulating it later with Photoshop, […] Read more »

Joe Louis

Watching Miguel Cotto’s long awkward stalking steps brings me back to the reality of the real stalker – Joe Louis. The ‘Brown Bomber’ would cut off the ring – one baby step at a time until you realized that you were trapped and tried to exchange combinations with him, and then. . . The nurse […] Read more »

Usain Bolt

Is his current 100m record 9. 58 or 9. 49? Also does he run 400m also?Does he have a record in 400m also? Tell me all the cool facts you know about him. I was so happy to find this — Usain Bolt best times are 100 meters 9. 58 seconds ( world record ) […] Read more »

Chris Schenkel

Was a part of the widde world of sports program which originally used athletes from all branches of professional sports. But than as I remember they got into a bit of trouble with the professional sports agencies so they starting using actors and actresses from prhyme time television shows. Hosted by howard cosell and chris […] Read more »