Also, if Man U are losing or drawing after 90 minutes, how many additional minutes of Fergie Time will Howard Webb chuck on? 10 minutes. After talking to others on the web, I found the answer. No excuses. We failed by that draw against everton and letting that scrappy header by kompany*cough* smalling die…… Ahem. […] Read more »

Shelley Duvall

I was watching the slightly disturbing 3 Women today and noticed immediately that Shelley Duvall was shockingly thin. She couldn't have weighed more than 80lbs, if that. I was wondering if she struggled and an eating disorder of any kind. Do you know what I found? I never read anything about her having an eating […] Read more »

Miriam Makeba

I am writing a research paper on Miriam Makeba, my teacher wants us to use an interesting metaphor in our introduction and I need a little bit of help. Any Ideas on some metaphors? I really could use some help. I'm not asking you to write my introduction just give me a metaphor please. I […] Read more »

Pam Ayres

I am wondering what type of poem is "Battery Hen" by Pam Ayres. Is it a free verse or another type of poem? I really don't know and I have to hand up my work in less than 2 hours. By the way I'm writing a analyse a poem. Thanks in advance. Do you know […] Read more »

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Franklin D. Roosevelt has over the past decade been regularly identified as the leading person in american politics and government in the twentieth century. Why or why not do you regard this choice as persuasive. Basically… When FDR took office in 1932 the U. S. Was mired in the worst depression in history. By 1938 […] Read more »