J.p. Mccarthy

I am looking for an online version of the textbooks i'm required to buy this semester. I guess its kinda cheaper plus i'm away from US so its kinda hard for me to get an actual book. For example I needPerreault, W. D. Cannon, J. P. And McCarthy, E. J. 2009. Basic Marketing: A Marketing […] Read more »

Kirby Puckett

I have a baseball that was signed by kirby puckett a few years ago. From what I can tell… Worth depends on many things: 1. Condition of ball and signature 2. Signed with ballpoint or Sharpie 3. Certificate of authenticity 4. Did he include HOF 2001 on ball? 5. Official MLB ball? Best case: $150. […] Read more »

Kay Starr

I'm looking for footage of the Feb 28, 1966 episode of the Mike Douglas Show with Kay Starr as the co-host and music guest: The Vogues. I know footage for every episode still exists it's just a matter of where to find it. Someone once suggested asking CBS' archives and I did but they said […] Read more »

Hayley Mills

1-The speaker, praised for her style yet ridiculed for vacuity, typically moved naive listeners with rhetoric alone and led them to believe that her speech had substance. 2-Hayley Mills's films have been named treacly, although most of them are not so sentimental so as to deserve that description. I was so happy to find this […] Read more »

Merv Griffin

It's supposedly from Northern Ireland (Belfast) saying that I've inherited $21. 3million from Merv Griffin. It wants my name and contact address. I've only heard one other person with the same exact info as this email. It was sent to me 8/25/08. I'm still not sure it's a scam, but I'd rather be safe then […] Read more »