Mary Cassatt

Why was Mary Cassatt significant? How did her art affect the world and society. Do you know what I found? I think she was significant because her style of art influenced American taste in favour of the I'mpressionists. Her work was very popular in America. She was also significant because comparatively few women have made […] Read more »

Shaun Cassidy

He is out of the box and doesn't have his original clothes. I keep saying that makes him "worthless" in the eyes of a collector but my fiance insists he is still worth something. Who would I go to to figure this out? I've tried researching shaun cassidy barbies online but have yet to find […] Read more »

Ian Anderson

I've always been a fan of Ian Anderson, and would appreciate it if someone could elaborate on how he sings into the flute and other such techniques. And so today I found out that… Singing into the flute is a common extended technique that flutists use with modern music. To do it, try singing a […] Read more »

Angela Lansbury

I realy like murder,she wrote and Angela lansbury films but,I live the uk and she lives in the uk how do I send the letter and ask for her autograph. Basically… Take your pick and see what happens. My choice would be the first one. Angela Lansbury "The Best Man" (Until Sep 09 2012) Schoenfeld […] Read more »

William Seward

Our class is doing a little project where we have to research someone in the Civil War & I got assigned to research William Seward. I can only find that he bought Alaska from Russia. I need a little bit more on that. I need to know HOW and WHY he was important in the […] Read more »