Paul Desmond

How did Paul Desmond get such a smooth sound? Is it, by any chance, and some of you may think I'm a little stupid for suggesting this, but is it that he uses a ridiculously strong reed? Like 4+ cos I tried a 3 1/2 the other day, and it sounded smoother than *que smooth […] Read more »

Tom Ewell

I have to write a report on the similarities and differences between boo radley and tom robinson, mr ewell and mayella ewell, and calpurnia and aunt alexandra. I found similarities for boo and tom, and bob and mayella, but I can't seem to find anything for calpurnia and aunt alexandra. All help will be greatly […] Read more »

Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter was elected on character and change. His Presidency was a testimony of disaster. Disasters like his gutting the military, double digit inflation and unemployment, boycotting the Olympics and nut-less cowardice when dealing with the Iranian hostage crisis. Unfortunately, Carter was way more qualified than Obama and Carter was not an overt Socialist like […] Read more »

Donny Most

Leaving the reliever Guerrier in 2 times around the Cubs batting order & he is getting lit & Donny Dumbo leaves him in. How many games will Mattingly ruin at the hands of his horrid managerial moves. After speaking to others on the web, I found the answer. Actually, you can blame this loss on […] Read more »

Frank Caliendo

So I was watching the Boston Orlando game last night and I saw lik 2 guys wearing Frank Caliendo trucker hats behind the color-guys. Why? Why would anybody wear a hat that says Frank Caliendo on it and just that? It has no significance. Is it advertisement for Frank TV or something? Well anyway, it's […] Read more »