Calgary Roof Repair Options Guide – Making the Perfect Choice

Roof repair is something that every house owner has to deal with. It is one of the most common building improvement projects. While it is imperative for you to mend roof issues as soon as they arise, it is a very costly undertaking.

A 2015-16 report indicates that a 4,000 square feet area cost around $23,000 to replace. Of course, the type of material you choose to repair your roof also affects the Calgary roofing repair options cost. Knowing your option can help you plan in advance of having your repair completed.

One of the most popular types of shingles is the asphalt or composite design. They have asphalt on the bottom and top with fiberglass core. You will also find these shingle have three silts to make them appear like they are smaller than they actually are. The surface has little stone pieces embedded on it which can help to protect it from the heat of the Sun. While asphalt shingles need regular cleaning and maintenance to clean moss and debris from the slits, it does have other benefits.

The composite material has an effective wind and fire resistance. They are also the cheapest option and almost everybody knows how to install them. Generally speaking, a two storey, 2400 square feet home costs about $7500 to replace. You will not need to replace these tiles before two decades.

If you don’t mind spending more dollars on your Calgary roof repair options, you should consider metal. Typically found on commercial building and farm houses, the metal panels are becoming popular on residential buildings also. There are two basic choices: panels which measure about 17 to 20 feet and tiles which seem similar to the shingles.

If you choose tiles, you will have to clean them regularly as there are many grooves and depressions for debris to collect. The biggest problem that most people find is its cost. An average cost for 2400 square feet building is $17,000 including the removal of previous tiles. Metal tiles have their benefits. They are long lasting and often come with decades of warranty. They also resist sunshine, hail, the wind, and heavy rainfall. You can also buy them with a coating that will reduce the cost by 10 to 15%. These tiles also qualify for Federal Energy Efficiency Tax credit of up to $600.

The most traditional choice for a residential building is wood. However, this option is no longer popular due to the risk of fire. The new building construction regulations have in fact prohibit the use of wood. If you live in the dry climate, wood shakes might be an excellent option as they have a long working span, generally running 60 years between replacements. The only problem is the cost. An average cost of a two storey 2400 square feet building is $17,800 including the removal of the previous tiles.

Roof repair is important. If you do some research, you will probably find the cheapest option available. However, if you are ready to spend little more money, you can upgrade your roof into something that is of higher quality and is more durable. You can also recover about 30% the price of the new roof when you go to sell the building. So call right now to hire our friendly team to deal with your roof repair issues. We are always ready to serve you.

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