Vanessa Redgrave

I know if I tried to build an unapproved extension, I'd have the council around in a month or two. "Vanessa Redgrave, who was in the courtroom, said considerations about the greenbelt and traffic had been put above human rights" What about the law the rest of us abide by? After speaking to others on the web, I found the answer. Local authorities are attempting to criminalise a way of life. In the past it was normal to give travellers planning permission. You are correct the withdrawal of planning rights has effectively made them trespassers, but what do you expect them to do if councils deny them any place to settle (which is very much a new phenomenon) and drive them out of their homes? Rip their own communities apart and live in apartments scattered across the area?

Calvin Coolidge

What are any controversial issues with president calvin coolidge. Please help I can't find this anywhere I tried googling it still can't find anything Nothing on controverisal issues come up. Give me a link. Do you know what I found? From what I've seen, one controversial issue during his presidency was the scandals that he inherited from his predecessor Warren Harding, particularly on the Teapot Dome scandal. You can try to refer to the links below for more info: Another controversy during his presidency was his response to the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927, in which he apparently displayed a lack of interest in federal control over the relief efforts for flood victims. Here's a link for more info: #more-1176 You can also check on the Wikipedia page for Calvin Coolidge to gain other tips and know what else you should search for:

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Estelle Halliwell

Geri Estelle Halliwell – "Sexy Spice" Melanie Janine Brown – "Scary Spice" Victoria Adams was – "Posh Spice" Melanie Jayne Chisholm – "Sporty Spice" Emma Lee Bunton – "Baby Spice. " Of course some of their names have changed since they got married. My favorite is Baby Spice. (: Oh yeah, that's right, Geri is Ginger. Anyways I don't like Posh just cause she's married to David Beckham and I'm jealous, lol. I was so glad to find this — Melanie janine brown aka Scary Spice

Dwayne Wade

Dwayne Wade is my favorite player and I want to see him go crazy next year on the hardwood. He needs to get back at 100% really soon for the Miami Heat. I was so pleased to find this — If they can get rid of the tendinitis and bone bruise in his knee then he will be good to go again. Good news is at least he doesn't have an ACL tear or break down of cartilage or anything like that so chances are with the right doctors and resting during this offseason Wade can be back to the player we used to see.

Seiji Ozawa

Why? Just to name a few: Carlos Kleiber, Bernard Haitink, Claudio Abbado, Simon Rattle, Sergiu Celibidache, Seiji Ozawa, Arturo Toscanini. . And sure, Herbert Karajan. And so today I found out that… Sad news indeed about Ozawa. I hope the treatment works for him. Some of my favourite conductors from the past: Karel Anerl Adrian Boult Andr Cluytens Edward Downes Mark Ermler Vernon Handley Eugen Jochum Rudolf Kempe Istvn Kertsz Carlos Kleiber Kirill Kondrashin Igor Markevitch Pierre Monteux Yevgeny Mravinsky Fritz Reiner Kurt Sanderling Constantin Silvestri Yevgeny Svetlanov Vclav Talich Osmo Vnska Gunther Wand Some of my favourite conductors from the present: Claudio Abbado Marin Alsop John Axelrod Ji Blohlvek Herbert Blomstedt Riccardo Chailly Robert Craft Colin Davis Christoph von Dohnnyi Charles Dutoit Mark Elder Vladimir Fedoseyev Daniele Gati Gianluigi Gelmetti Bernard Haitink (live) Neeme Jrvi Dmitri Kitaenko David Lloyd-Jones Charles Mackerras Libor Peek Vassily Petrenko Simon Rattle Donald Runnicles Michael Schnwandt Mark Wigglesworth Johannes Wildner Antoni Wit NO Karajan (can't stand his over-sleek, technicolour, sanitised, egocentric style).