Chris Schenkel

Joe Garagiola In the top 50 Network announcers of all time? How is he even in the top 15 to begin with? Was the person or persons who did these rankings on drugs? For those who don't know what I'm talking about Yahoo posted the top 50 sports announcers & here are the rankings. Let em know what you think-> 50 greatest network announcers 1. Howard Cosell 2. John Madden 3. Brent Musburger 4. Al Michaels 5. Dick Enberg 6. Curt Gowdy 7. Keith Jackson 8. Bob Costas 9. Jim McKay 10. Pat Summerall 11. Jim Nantz 12. Dick Vitale 13. Joe Buck 14. Marv Albert 15. Frank Gifford 16. Vin Scully 17. Mike Tirico 18. Chris Berman 19. Billy Packer 20. Dan Patrick 21. Greg Gumbel 22. Tim McCarver 23. Jon Miller 24. Mel Allen 25. Joe Garagiola 26. Bryant Gumbel 27. Don Meredith 28. Joe Morgan 29. Phyllis George 30. Ray Scott 31. Terry Bradshaw 32. Jack Whitaker 33. Al McGuire 34. Dick Stockton 35. Tony Kubek 36. Chris Schenkel 37. Mike Emrick 38. James Brown 39. Hubie Brown 40. Lindsey Nelson 41. Jim Simpson 42. Verne Lundquist 43. Jim Lampley 44. Ernie Johnson 45. Don Criqui 46. Tom Hammond 47. Bud Collins 48. Ken Venturi 49. Jim Gray 50. Harry Wismer. What I found out was – I could ramble on about this list for hours. The long and short of it is this, Vin Scully is the greatest baseball play by play announcer who has yet lived. Mel Allen is a very close second, very close. Joe Buck has no business on this list. For Pete sakes his father Jack isn't even listed and he was the voice of the Cardinals for decades. A great play by play man. I remember Howard Cosell as a youngster who worked for WABC in New York at the time. He had a nation wide radio show titled, "Speaking of Sports". It was an up to date format of all the current happening throughout the world of sports. It was also a self promoting vehicle. Howard had big plans for himself and his show was the stepping stone for future endeavors. Ali and Ali alone made Cosell a household name. The only truly great announcers on this list besides Vin Scully are: Al Michaels Dick Enberg Brent Musburger Curt Gowdy Keith Jackson Jim McKay Marv Albert Jack Whitaker Chris Schenkel Ray Scott Linsey Nelson Dick Stockton As far as Joe Morgan and Billy Packer are concerned, they are both frauds. The worse kind of announcers. Both self serving and unprepared. Besides Jack Buck not being on this list the likes of the great Ernie Harwell, Harry Kalas, as well as Bob Prince are absent. What could Yahoo have been thinking? The rest of the list is filled by those who have yet to separate themselves from the pack. Maybe in years to come any might actually be able to do that. Obviously it's only someones opinion but it's a bad one nevertheless. Ain't sports great? Lol

A fascinating interview with Chris Schenkiel, one of the world's most famous sports personalities describing the important college football game he ever tele. . .

Bat Masterson

Why did people like Wyatt Earp feel the need to regulate and stop people from carrying guns in Dodge & Tombstone? Why did Bat Masterson do the same in Denver? Why did Seth Bullock do it in Deadwood & Lewis and Clark County, Montana? Why did Virgil Earp do it in Yavapai County, Arizona? One can argue that there were less deaths & less shootings then there are today, but that ignores the fact that there were also less people, the people were spread out over a greater distance & the places were there was a significant population had enough gun violence to cause people to regulate carrying weapons in towns. Essentially — Wyatt Earp and his brothers used the badge to take over a town and gather massive wealth. They even shot many unarmed men in cold blood. That is why his brothers got a taste of their own medicine. Earp felt the need to stop people from carrying guns so he could take over the town mafia style. I just felt like repeating myself so you it would sink in to your bonehead.

Bob Costas

Murder suicides occur with other weapons. People stab their family and then hang themselves, they run the car in the garage, they push them from cliffs, jump off of bridges, run the car into a river with their wives and children tied up in them. . A gun isn't what the problem is. I own a gun and have never used it against anyone. There are a lot of stories of people who saved themselves and their family from a home invasion by using their gun. . So the gun isn't the problem it's the person holding it. If someone wants to commit murder they will do it, with or without a gun. Bob Costas sounded like a retard. What I found out was – Probably not. Hey, if they had enough sense to see the stupidity in their argument, they would not be liberals now would they? Of course not.

Books can't come close to matching the depth of this touching and revealing interview of Mickey Mantle by Bob Costas. Mickey discusses why he drank, when it . . .

George Lopez

I think The george lopez show is the equivalent of what Family matters was in the late 80s/late 90s. They are both predominately minority shows with humor, but seriousness on the other hand. They both talk about issues that common people go through everyday, and for that reason, I respect both shows. How about you. From what I can tell… I like them both but Fresh Prince kills them both. Family Matters I saw the last episode. George lopez don't watch no more seen evrey single episode Carmen is hot. Family Matters is better than George lopez, but george Lopez is funnier. I love the 90's shows but wtf happdend?


Also, if Man U are losing or drawing after 90 minutes, how many additional minutes of Fergie Time will Howard Webb chuck on? 10 minutes. After talking to others on the web, I found the answer. No excuses. We failed by that draw against everton and letting that scrappy header by kompany*cough* smalling die…… Ahem. Lets see next seasons what happens. Man c can't produce raw talent like that of messi or ronaldo. They only purchase good footballers, but not like messi. But I'm sure wherever he is, that one footballer who is unknown yet with the destiny to become the greatest. . I'm sure fergie will find him and soon man you'll conquer the world. Soon. . Go red devils

Music video by Fergie performing Big Girls Don't Cry (Personal). (C) 2007 will. I. Am Music Group/A&M Records.