Kirby Puckett

I have a baseball that was signed by kirby puckett a few years ago. From what I can tell… Worth depends on many things: 1. Condition of ball and signature 2. Signed with ballpoint or Sharpie 3. Certificate of authenticity 4. Did he include HOF 2001 on ball? 5. Official MLB ball? Best case: $150. 00-200. 00 But then you have to find someone willing to buy it. What you may think it is worth can be something completely different to others. Btw – Puckett died in 2006. How many is "a few years ago"?

For the Fans, a Montage of Kirby Puckett Highlights with background music.

Kay Starr

I'm looking for footage of the Feb 28, 1966 episode of the Mike Douglas Show with Kay Starr as the co-host and music guest: The Vogues. I know footage for every episode still exists it's just a matter of where to find it. Someone once suggested asking CBS' archives and I did but they said they do not sell footage of the show. And I see episodes for it selling on a few sites so somehow people are obtaining it. So can anybody help me with this I really want to have this episode and I'm constantly hitting a dead end. And so today I found out that… You can try youtube, here's one of them

A Million Selling No. 1 hit record in both the USA and UK – Seen here in a 1983 TV performance by the ever fabulous Kay Starr.

Hayley Mills

1-The speaker, praised for her style yet ridiculed for vacuity, typically moved naive listeners with rhetoric alone and led them to believe that her speech had substance. 2-Hayley Mills's films have been named treacly, although most of them are not so sentimental so as to deserve that description. I was so happy to find this — The first (with an over-use of words) describes a person whose is thin in substance [vacuity = emptiness] and those whoever were less sophisiticated were easily swayed by the force of the words over the real vaule or substance of them The second means that the films are very saccharrin or sweet [treacly; treacle is a very sweet dessert tha any can't handle over to the super-sweetness of it] but if one really looks into the films, they are not that sentimental or unrealistinc [this is mostly a description of 'Pollyanna']

The hunt is on for a maniac who leaves a trail of dead after escaping from an asylum. Starring Hayley Mills in her last British feature film for many years, . . .

Merv Griffin

It's supposedly from Northern Ireland (Belfast) saying that I've inherited $21. 3million from Merv Griffin. It wants my name and contact address. I've only heard one other person with the same exact info as this email. It was sent to me 8/25/08. I'm still not sure it's a scam, but I'd rather be safe then sorry. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I was happy to learn… Considering that Merv Griffin left all of his billions to his son and some charities and that his son was born in California (and he still lives here by the way) I'd say it's a new twist on an old scam.

Mary Cassatt

Why was Mary Cassatt significant? How did her art affect the world and society. Do you know what I found? I think she was significant because her style of art influenced American taste in favour of the I'mpressionists. Her work was very popular in America. She was also significant because comparatively few women have made a name for themselves as artists, and the fact that she was invited to join the I'mpressionists, and became a great friend of Degas, shows that they must have thought highly of her work.

Ohlone College Art 103B (Art History Early Renaissance to Contemporary) Prof. Kenney Mencher Department of Art and Art History Director Louie Meager Art Gall. . .